What does Louis Vuitton have to do with it?

The Proposal: Josh and Kalea are avid sports fans. He’s a basketball coach at Purdue University. Her brother played football at Purdue, so it was a rather uneventful Saturday evening spent gathered around the television watching college football. Then around halftime of the ball game, Josh asked Kalea if she had ordered something because he had seen a package in the kitchen. She brushed it off saying it was just something her mom had sent not knowing THE PACKAGE he was referring to. After additional questioning/badgering on the part of Josh, Kalea begrudgingly went to the kitchen to discover a professionally wrapped package. Her eyes lit up, but it was rather large so at no point in time in opening did she think, “Ohhh this is a ring!” Kalea proceeded to open the wrapping to find the Louis Vuitton purse she had drooled over a few weeks back when they were in Chicago. The thank you’s, you’re the best, I love you sooo much followed. She was taking pictures of her bag to send to her friends when Josh says, “Now make sure the authenticity card and receipt and all is inside in case you want to exchange it.” “Exchange it? I don’t want to exchange it!”Kalea shot back. Annnd then that’s when her mouth dropped to the floor. Not only was the authenticity card inside, there was a ring box with the cushion cut diamond Kalea had told Josh she wanted over a year ago. At that time, he rolled his eyes at her, but now fast forward to the present, and here it was right in front of her. For a small town Mississippi girl, this was a GREAT night. She got a Louis and a diamond. Oh and a good looking fella too.

Hair and Make-Up by  Harold James .  Photography by  Janis Ratnieks .

Hair and Make-Up by Harold James.

Photography by Janis Ratnieks.

Seeing one of my best friend’s beautiful life come together as something we have dreamed about for years makes me overwhelmed with JOY! I am so happy you found your Prince Charming! Now you can just sit back and sample cake, taste champagne, and truly smell the roses. CHEERS!
— Allison Brigance @financefashions