What made you start your business?

I started my business because I found myself in a situation where I was referring people to a program in order to get my own products for free, but I was leaving money on the table.  You know when you go to a really amazing restaurant or movie and then you can't wait to tell other people to go try or see it too because you enjoyed it so much?? Well the restaurants and movie theaters don't pay you for those referrals, but I found out that ViSalus does.  I first became a customer at the end of 2011 because I was not only struggling with tendinitis, due to lack of nutrition, but I was also struggling with my body image as a college cheerleader. When I realized how much I loved the products and that I could help other people feel as amazing as I did, I took advantage of that and began referring multiple people to the program. That is what led me to get started and take advantage of my business opportunity. 

What is the best advice given to you yet?

The best advice I've been given so far is to "focus on what you can control." This advice has helped me remain positive and persistent as a business owner, but also in life. We have the power to choose if we are going to have a good or bad attitude. We have the power to choose if we eat the cheat meal or not. We have the power to learn almost anything that our heart desires with technology today. The things outside of our control such as other people's attitudes, actions, opinions, feelings, and mistakes are normally the things that create frustration and tension in our lives. If we choose to only focus on the things that we can control, it will lead us to living more healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives. 

What trends do you see coming for this year?

The trends I see coming for this year are a greater focus on healthy meal prep and shorter, higher intensity work outs. The things couples want to focus on while planning their wedding are saving money and getting in the best shape they can before the big day. The best way to achieve this goal is through meal prep and HIIT, (high intensity, interval training). Wedding planning requires so much time and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym for an hour or two a few times a week. Also, without planning what meals you're going to have ahead time, it's easy to spend $10-20/day on eating out! The best way reach those goals are going to be with weekly meal prepping, and 30 minutes to an hour of HIIT a few times a week. 

What are your favorite accounts to follow on social media right now?

Fitness: Kevin Klug, one of my favorite personal trainers in Nashville @Klugfitness and Mia St. Aubin, 15 minute video HIIT workouts @misstaubin
Food: Goodful and Tasty Facebook videos - Great for meal prep ideas
Entrepreneurship and Social Media Marketing: Tony Robbins, @tonyrobbins and Lewis Howes, @lewishowes
Inspiration and Encouragement: Ashley Sarnicola, @ashleysarnicola and Alexi Panos, @alexipanos

What is the coolest thing you have done so far as a business owner?

By far the most rewarding thing I've been able to do as a business owner is have the ability to work remotely and create residual income. This reason this is so significant is because last year, two of my best friends had a parent pass away unexpectedly. Thanks to my online business that I can build from my phone and my computer, I was able to travel to New Jersey and San Francisco each for a week to be with my friends during the very difficult time in their life. If I had a corporate job or worked for anyone else but myself, there's no way I could have been able to get the time off of work, twice in the same year, and still be able to pay my bills. Situations like that are what remind me why I chose to chase my dreams as an entrepreneur! 

Anything else you would like for us to know about you and your business?

There are many products and programs that people can choose to use to get healthy, but I've used Vi to create a healthy lifestyle habit for my life and love to help others do the same. One of the best parts about using my products is that after each 90 days, you can select a local charity, such as the Boys and Girls Club of America, The Palmer Home for Children, or Graceworks Ministries, that will receive 90 healthy meals and snacks for children or families in need. In addition to my business, I'd like to leave you with my vision statement as a final peak into my life:  I chase an environment that forces me to become a better dreamer, doer, and leader. It is my mission to be a spark of excitement and hope that creates self confidence in others to believe that they, too, were created to make a difference.

@caycebrasel - instagram
Website - www.cayceschallenge.com 

Cayce Brasel
Health and Wellness Entrepreneur