What made you start your business?

My passion for wellness has definitely evolved over the years! As I have personally grown and continued learning about eating well, exercising (outside of sports), and properly managing my stress, I’ve really noticed the difference it had on me mentally, physically, and even emotionally. The confidence, mental clarity, and energy you gain when you’re treating your body well is so incredible that I wanted to help teach other people how to be successful with their own wellness, so they could experience those things in their own lives!


What is the best advice given to you yet?

Whatever you tell yourself, you will eventually believe, and then ultimately become. Think positively!


What trends do you see coming for 2016?

There are always fun speculations at the beginning of January and this year is no exception! With awesomeness that is ClassPass, we will most likely see a rise in boutique fitness clubs, whose main focus is on the overall customer experience. One of the largest trends that will come in this year will be a large focus on the mind-body aspect. There will be more faith based fitness programs as well as a large emphasis on rest and recovery (i.e. stress management). Because of that, we will also see a rise in personal trainers moving towards health and wellness coaching. Speaking from experience, fitness is an awesome aspect of wellness but it’s only once piece of a large and complex puzzle in peoples’ lives. In order to help people really move forward and increase their overall life satisfaction, we have to know how to properly assist clients in making permanent behavior changes.


What are your favorite accounts to follow on social media right now?

One of my favorite things about social media is the ability to connect with people anywhere! There are so many inspiring people in this world and right now my favorites are: 

For Food Inspo: @EvaKosmasFlores of Adventures in Cooking, @NutritionStripped, @PinchOfYum, and @SimpleGreenSmoothies

For Fitness Inspo: @ToneItUp, @KaylaItsines, @AmandaBisk, and @HealthyistheNewSkinny

For Business Inspo: @JonAcuff, @DonMillerIs, and @BreneBrown

For Fashion Inspo: @JuliaHEngel of Gal Meets Glam, & @KatTanita of With Love From Kat

For Random Prettiness: @DesignLoveFest & @AmyMayPaper

For my Love of Golden Retrievers: @AspentheMountainPup, @RustyRodas, & @SamanthaBrookePhoto


What is the coolest thing you have done so far as a business owner?

The coolest thing I get to do is be a positive part of my clients’ lives. I swear I learn so much about life from each of them! Life gets crazy and it’s an honor to help people become and stay healthy as they navigate through the highs and the lows! From helping women feel their best before their wedding day, to developing strong bodies so they’re energetic and mobile as they age, it’s so fun to have a role in their overall wellbeing!


Anything else you would like for us to know about your business?

I provide one-on-one coaching sessions for anyone who is interested in making healthy changes and improving their overall quality of life! It can be so hard to find what works best for you personally with so much information out there. If you’re looking for lasting, long-term results, give me a call and we will get you on the right path!  


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