As a bride, selecting your perfect wedding dress might be one of the most important decisions you make in regards to your big day. However, your groom has a pretty important decision to make as well- what tuxedo to wear on the most important day of his life.  If he feels at all tempted to go to the classic big-name tux stores, make his life easier (and better) by telling him about Street Tuxedo, a shop located exclusively in Middle Tennessee locations offering quality products and superior customer service. 

Street Tuxedo began over 30 years ago, when Mark Street purchased Kornman’s Department Store in Madison, TN. Mark soon discovered that his real passion existed in the back corner of the store, where tuxedos were being rented. Not long after, he sold all of the other merchandise, purchased more tuxedos, and changed the name of the store to Street’s Formal Shoppe, now Street Tuxedo. It has since expanded to four different locations within Middle Tennessee- Cool Springs, Green Hills, Berry Hill, and Murfreesboro.

At Street Tuxedo, you won’t find any employee who doesn’t truly love the work they do each day. Dick Thompson, the Director of Operations for Street Tuxedo, says, “I love the relationships I form with the customers. From the prom kid who has no idea what a cummerbund is, to the blissfully excited bride and groom, and my favorite, the older gentleman that frequents the black-tie events- he’s been there, done that, and has the best life advice.” Employees like Dick set Street Tuxedo apart from bigger stores that aren’t able to create such a personal approach to customer service.

Did you know that most big-name stores don’t even allow you to try on a tux before purchasing or renting it? At Street Tuxedo, they don’t believe in picking out your wedding attire from a catalogue or off a mannequin. They recognize the importance of picking the perfect tux, and they urge grooms to try on several styles and take plenty of time to think before making a decision.

If your groom isn’t all that interested in fashion, you can tell him yourself about the hottest new trends in tuxedos. Navy is a new wedding trend, and many beautiful navy tuxes will be arriving at Street Tuxedo throughout the year. Other colored suits, such as light grey, tan, and slate, are also becoming popular for weddings. If your groom wants to keep things more traditional, recommend a classic black suit with a slim fit- Dick says that it's best selling style. But if your groom wants to make things a little more interesting, he has a lot more options than he probably thinks. Grooms often provide their own shirts, ties and shoes to add more personality to their wedding ensemble; Dick has seen everything from Converse Chuck Taylors to spiked Christian Louboutins from his customers. Grooms can also customize their own ties with their name and wedding date or even wear a fun patterned shirt underneath their fancy tux. The options are truly endless!

While you might feel overwhelmed with wedding dress shopping, make sure to tell your groom about Street Tuxedo and help him make the right choice for his big day!