What made you start your business?

I started this website/blog because I wanted to help people learn the balance between nutrition and exercise when life gets crazy. Balance is such a hard thing to grasp in a world that is constantly moving at such a fast pace. I wanted to write my stories and knowledge down on paper for people to see and hopefully learn from. I wanted people to have someone to relate to and know that they are not alone in all the struggles that they face in trying to find balance. 

 What is the best advice given to you yet?

The best advice I have been given was to not focus on always pleasing your audience. Sounds silly I know but if I constantly worry about what society is going to think about whenever I post something, I may never have anything down on paper. It is important to write what you are passionate about and how you really feel and not what you think society wants (although if it aligns with what the people want it is definitely a bonus). It is also important to not focus on how many followers you get or how many people "like" your posts, although it is so easy to get caught up on that. Focusing on helping one person at a time is my motto and if I am not reaching thousands just yet I am totally fine with that!

What wedding trends do you see coming for Fall?

I am honestly not too sure! My husband and I got married in March, 2015 and I still love seeing all the ideas for weddings all seasons of the year! I know that the rustic theme has definitely been a big one this past year (we followed this theme as well) and I can see it continueing into the next year for sure.

 What are your favorite accounts to follow on social media right now?

I follow all kinds of people on instagram and not all of them are about health and fitness. Actually one of my favorites @momastery has nothing to with nutrition and exercise but her outlook on life is amazing and is definitely worth following. I also love @eatingwell, @smpliving, and @skinnytaste. They all have great recipes and beautiful food photography that will make your mouth water just looking at them. 

What is the coolest thing you have done so far as a business owner?

Well since I have just started on this journey I probably don't have the coolest experience just yet. I would definitely say that seeing the people that I have already touched with my words and hearing their feedback on how much my work is changing them has been pretty awesome! My passion is to help others live happier and healthier andI feel like I am finally getting to do that, one reader at a time.