How did he propose? :

To start, we met in college. I think it goes without saying that during my tenure at Ole Miss, I met a lot of good-looking girls. Corinne Vance was the prettiest one I had ever seen.

Fast forward to years later, I realized her outward beauty was just a bonus. Turns out Corinne is even prettier on the inside. As that realization developed, it was only a matter of time before I knew she was the one. We dated for several years, most of which was me making sure I was prepared to give her all that she deserved in a man for the rest of our lives together. 

In the Fall of 2014, I was finally ready for the engagement and could only hope that she was as well. From the beginning I knew I wanted it to be a complete surprise - the southern traditionalist somewhere inside me I guess. Because my new home in Tupelo, Mississippi had been struck by a tornado earlier that year, it had to undergo extensive repair spanning several months before I could move in. By November 2014, a housewarming party was in order. The stage was set.

As Corinne got ready for one type of party, my close friends and family were looking forward to another. So while I prepared for one of the most important nights of my life, she prepared deviled eggs.  Everyone in the house knew what was coming; everyone but Corinne. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I made a toast thanking everyone in the room individually for the important roles they had played in my life and past. I closed by thanking Florence Corinne Vance and asking her to be my future. And, thankfully, she said yes.

Wedding Planner

  • Madge Howell

Caterer    ­­­­­

  • Tupelo Country Club


  • Creative Cakes – Tupelo, MS

Ceremony location

  • GumTree Museum of Art – Tupelo, MS

Reception location

  • Tupelo Country Club

Dance Instructor

  • Nick Nesmith


  • Marilyn Trainor Storey – MS Design Maven

Music at ceremony

  • Black Water Trio 
  • Natalie Pittman (Soloist) 
  • Cellist Dylan Howard

Music at reception

  • Party Shot – Clarksdale 
  • Blackwater Trio

Wedding Favors

  • Assorted chocolate truffles 


  • Marilyn Trainor Storey – MS Design Maven

Hair and Make-Up

  • Hair: Mandy (Owner of CVM Salon) – Oxford 
  • Makeup: Alex-Anna King (Makeup artist from Amy Head Cosmetics) – Oxford 

Locations of honeymoon

  • Boca Raton


  • Stovall Collection – Memphis 


  • Beth Hunt Calligraphy


  • Family heirlooms


  • Classic red Corvette


  • Reed’s Department Store – Tupelo, MS

Wedding Dress

  • Stephen Yearick couture gown from Low’s Bridal 


  • Connor Hegwood


  • Danniel Vassel Photography 

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