The proposal-

Like most weekends In Nashville, Katie and Kyle had a busy schedule
planned with friends: going to sporting events, concerts, dinners,
etc.  This weekend in mid-April seemed no different. They had friends
visiting to attend the Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt baseball series and to
celebrate one of the friend's (Nate) as well as Katie's upcoming
birthday.  They attended both games on Thursday and Friday and were
planning to skip the final game of the series.

Kyle had some other "birthday" plans in mind...

Chloe (Nate's girlfriend) and Kyle were planning a "birthday
surprise" for Katie and Nate that Saturday.  If anyone knows Katie,
you know she loves plans so she hated not knowing what the exact plans
were.  After asking a million questions like what to wear and hoping
they were going to one of the many festivals in Nashville that
weekend, she let the "birthday" surprise begin.

The four of them got in the car that Saturday morning, Katie and Nate
blindfolded in the backseat having no clue where they were going.
After about a ten minute drive (where they were actually driving in
circles) they ended up at Westhaven Community courtyard in Franklin,
TN.  Still blindfolded Katie walks out of the car, still thinking it
was a surprise for her and Nate.  Kyle then told Katie to take the
blindfold off and he was down on one knee.  He was proposing!! Katie
was in complete shock, it was everything she had dreamed of!!   Nate
and Chloe (both in on the plan from the beginning) were there to
capture pictures and video of the future Bakers big day!!

The beautiful courtyard in Franklin was the perfect place for them to
officially start their lives together. Still on cloud nine today, the
couple will be getting married next spring in Oxford, MS where they
met and fell in love!

Photo Credit: Amber Beckham Photography